Get smart with a smart garage door opener controller

January 1, 2024

For convenience and safety, smart home capability continues to be among the most popular of home upgrades. Control of literally everything from interior and exterior lights to door locks to coffee makers is in your hand via your smart phone or tablet. But what if your garage door opener is an older model?

Not to worry! Odds are, with some research and a simple installation you can upgrade your garage door opener with a smart garage door opener controller that is compatible with the smart systems you already have in your home.

Smart features for garage doors

Modern garage doors and door opening systems are designed with the smart features homeowners are looking for built in. These may include remote access through apps, security features such as automatic locking and unlocking and live video access, and voice activation compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other voice technology. But you may not have to invest in a new garage door system to get these features. Smart controllers are now available that will upgrade your ordinary garage door opener by connecting it to an app and your voice assistant.

Here’s what you need:

  • A controller that is compatible with your existing garage door system – There are several options available today and many offer compatibility checkers so you can determine if your opener will support a smart controller. Contact your garage door expert to determine what type of opener you have and help identify the smart controllers that would be appropriate for your system.
  • A strong Wi-Fi connection to support your new device – A solid Wi-Fi signal for your home office doesn’t guarantee a strong signal in your garage so check that you have a strong connection near the garage door opener. If the signal is weak or spotty, you will want to install a range extender to strengthen that connection for optimum performance.

Smart controllers are generally easy to install, with a module that attaches right to your existing system. Depending on the model you buy, the door sensor that connects to the module may use a wire connection or it may be wireless. Both provide reliable service with a strong Wi-Fi connection, and features range from security alerts to full camera access through the module.

If you have an existing garage door system with limited or no smart capabilities, contact the Above & Beyond Door Systems team for more information about upgrading to remote access, security alerts, and voice activation capabilities. Our professionals can help you determine what features you may be able to gain with a smart controller attached to your existing system.

Is it time for a new door and opening system? A replacement garage door and opener can be one of the best investments you make in your home. Call today to schedule a garage door assessment and free estimate with one of our experts.

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