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Garage doors are made of many moving parts that can fail as they age. You may be faced with broken springs, worn out rollers or tracks, or a faulty garage door opener simply due to the wear and tear of normal use. Whatever garage door repair you need in Akron, Ohio, the team at Above and Beyond will diagnose it and fix it quickly.

Rely on our professionals for all your garage door servicing needs in Akron and the surrounding area. For garage door replacement, upgrades, and new construction, Above & Beyond provides sales to installation service that is second to none. We also help you avoid emergencies by keeping your existing garage door system at its best with our inspection and maintenance service.

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Q: How much does a new garage door and door opener system cost in Akron?

The cost of your new garage door and door opener system will depend on the size and style of the garage door you choose and the features you need on your door opening system. At Above & Beyond, we carry and install Wayne Dalton and Haas garage doors in many sizes and styles and LiftMaster garage door openers with a wide variety of options that increase safety and security for Akron area homeowners. Our professionals will review all your options to determine which features in a new garage door and opener system are best for your home and what is needed for expert installation. We then provide you with a FREE estimate for your consideration before any work begins.

Q: What will it cost to upgrade or replace my Akron garage door opener system?

If you have an older garage door opener or no opening system at all for your older garage door, our team can usually upgrade and retrofit your door and/or system to an advanced system that provides the convenience and safety features most families are looking for. The cost of a replacement or retrofitted door opener system in Akron will vary with the extent of work needed for retrofitting and the features you choose for your new system. State-of-the-art systems today include such features as wireless keypads, internet access, remote lockout, and motion-activated lights. Your estimate for an upgraded garage door opener system from Above & Beyond is FREE.

Q: How often should I have my Akron garage door inspected?

At Above & Beyond, we recommend having your garage door and opener system inspected annually to check for damage to rollers, cables, and springs and to tighten or repair any loose or damaged parts. Call us today to schedule your garage door and opener system maintenance in Akron.

Broken Garage Door Spring?

A broken or worn garage door spring can be both inconvenient and dangerous. Call us to repair in Akron Ohio.

Safety Sensor Issues?

A sensor that is not working properly is a significant safety hazard and should be addressed immediately. Call our knowledgeable technician.

Broken Garage Door?

We have the knowledge and equipment to diagnose your problem and repair it quickly and correctly every time.

Emergency garage door service

Wear and tear or simple accidents can lead to garage door emergencies. Our emergency team is available whenever you need help, day or night, with efficient, quality service and reasonable prices. Your safety is our priority.

Above & Beyond Door Systems suggests the following 5 garage door safety tips:

  1. Keep garage door openers and controls out of the reach of children. Never let a child play with the garage door remote controls even under adult supervision, as they may see the remote as a toy.
  2. Explain the dangers of the garage door to your children and the importance of keeping themselves out of harm’s way. Children should understand they should never stand near a moving garage door or place objects or their fingers near the sections of a garage door.
  3. Educate yourself and all adults in your household on how to use the emergency release feature of your garage door in case of an accident or if your garage door will not open with the opening system. Refer to your owner’s manual or contact Above & Beyond for guidance.
  4. Inspect your garage door regularly for signs of wear and tear or possible damage, including springs, cables, rollers, tracks, and hinges. Contact the technicians at Above & Beyond if you suspect your garage door needs servicing. Do not attempt to repair your garage door yourself, as serious injury can occur.
  5. Test the safety features of your door every month, specifically the safety reverse feature and photo eyes. Your door should automatically reverse if an object breaks the beam near the base of the door or if the door comes in contact with an object in its path. If the door does not both stop and reverse direction, call Above & Beyond right away for an inspection and repair.



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