Upgrading garage door opener a worthwhile investment

June 1, 2024

Your old garage door opener is likely not up to the task of today’s demands. Homeowners today are looking for convenience and security in garage door openers, especially with busy families coming and going and deliveries arriving throughout the day. Older models often operate with only a remote and a button in the garage, security codes are easily hacked, and the technology may be too old to consider a retrofit with a smart operating system.

What’s a homeowner to do? Upgrading can be an investment whether you are able to retrofit an older opener or purchase a new system. If you replace your garage door as well, you could be making an investment in the thousands. Is it worth it? Most homeowners and garage door experts say yes.

Consider the benefits:


The motor and operating mechanism of new garage door openers are superior because they use belt drives rather than chain drives. Chain-drive style openers tend to be loud because they are metal on metal and, while they cost less, they often wear out more quickly because they don’t have the horsepower to easily handle heavier doors. Belt drives use a quiet rubber or polyurethane belt to operate and possess more horsepower.


Your new garage door and opening system will come with a warranty that protects your investment and means protection from potential repairs.

Security and safety

Check the year on a garage door opener that you are considering retrofitting. Prior to the mid-1990s garage door openers used DIP switches for security codes and many lacked safety sensors to prevent the door from closing on an object or a child or pet. These doors are not secure, nor are they safe.

Replace your 1990s garage door opener with a model that uses rolling code technology that changes every time you use your opener for maximum security from would-be thieves. These new garage door openers also have electronic eyes to prevent the door from closing on anything in its path.


New garage door openers use the latest technology to provide security and safety benefits that are also the ultimate in convenience. That’s because your garage door opener now has smart capabilities to sync with all your smart devices including your phone, tablet, and home virtual assistants, such as Alexa. Control your garage door, lights, audio and video security, even heat, from anywhere you are using your smart phone. WiFi links mean you can even talk with a delivery person leaving a package at your door.

Your return on investment

The convenience and security of new garage door technology is worth it to most homeowners, but a better insulated garage door will also pay for itself in savings on heating and cooling. The latest in garage door technology also increases the value of your home, likely bringing a higher sale price if you plan to move.

If you are considering upgrading your garage door opener, contact the experts at Above & Beyond Door Systems. Our team can help you determine if you can benefit from retrofitting your existing system or if an investment in a new system is a better decision. Call today for an estimate.

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