Get ready for garage sale season with cleaning, checkup

May 1, 2024
When you are getting ready for your garage sale this year, organization and maintenance for your garage and garage door matter. That’s because your garage is the backdrop for your shopping venue, even if most of your sale items are set up in the driveway and yard.

Don’t let a cluttered garage, dirty garage floor, or malfunctioning garage door impact the success of your garage sale. Above & Beyond Door Systems can help. Consider these garage sale prep tips:

Take stock of your space

Maximize your available space by finding alternative storage for large items in your garage. A backyard shed is ideal for lawn equipment, bicycles, tools, and yard toys.

Stash items on shelves inside cabinets and use the shelving to display sale items. Make your goal to clear shelving and floor space so the only visible items in your garage are things that are for sale and there is plenty of room for tables.

Check your garage floor

Your garage floor needs to be both clean and safe. A good power washing to clear it of winter grime will make it easier to inspect it for cracks, pits, and crumbling that could present a trip hazard for your customers. Take care of patching or consider setting interlocking tiles to improve the appearance and make an uneven floor safely navigable.

For longer term protection, urethane sealers or epoxy coatings are a great choice to keep your garage floor looking great year-round.

Schedule your garage door checkup

A clean, quiet, and efficient garage door and opening system is critical to using your garage, whether you are parking a car, creating a workout or rec space, or planning a garage sale. Make sure yours is up to the task by scheduling a checkup and tune-up with Above & Beyond.

Our team provides a professional maintenance check that identifies potential problems before they become emergencies, allowing you to get repairs made before your garage sale.

Your maintenance check from Above & Beyond includes:

  • Inspection of all moving and support parts, including rollers, cables, hinges, tracks, and bolts.
  • Inspection of safety and security features, including locks, automatic reverse, and photo eyes.
  • Lubrication of moving parts using a silicone-based spray.
  • Inspection of door seals, insulation, and overall door integrity.

Above & Beyond will do more than help you prepare for garage sale season. Our professionals can help with preventive maintenance as well as details on the benefits of a new modern garage door. Call today to schedule an appointment for your garage door checkup or a consultation.

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