Prioritize security when programming garage door opener

October 6, 2021

Early garage door opening systems were a hacker’s dream. Thieves, in fact, didn’t even have to be hackers, since the very first remotes used a radio signal to trigger the receiver to open the door. That meant that any garage door remote could open any garage door – not ideal for securing one’s belongings.

Technology has come a long way since then, with today’s garage door openers operating only when a unique code is sent from the transmitter to the receiver. Unfortunately, hackers still find ways to break through meticulous security measures, leaving homeowners with the job of carefully programming and reprogramming garage door openers to keep their homes safe.

At Above & Beyond Door Systems, we recommend making security your priority when it comes to your garage door opening system. That means using the latest in rolling code technology for your door opener. The advantage of rolling code garage door openers is a special algorithm that changes the code shared between the remote and the receiver every time you open your door. The code is never the same and there are billions of possible combinations, making it extremely difficult for a hacker to break.

The most secure garage door opener

Rolling code technology is the most secure system available for garage door openers. Reprogramming is simple — press and hold the learn button on the receiver, then press and hold the button on the remote — if you acquire an existing door opening system with the purchase of a home or if a remote is lost.

Also available with these systems are additional features, such as two-factor authentication and smartphone apps, that will maximize security at your home. You can now control your garage door from anywhere using your phone or tablet and you can pre-set who has access to your garage. Most of these smart systems also notify you if someone has entered or attempted to enter your garage and many come with security cameras.

Stay ahead of hackers

Think of your garage door opener as you would any device you would want to keep secure. If you do not have the latest technology, maximize security with the features you have.

Old garage door openers use fixed code or dip switch technology, which was the first generation of secure garage door openers. With 8 to 12 switches inside the receiver and remote, there are many combinations you can set if you are concerned about hacking. Simply change the switches inside the receiver and all your remotes, ensuring the pattern matches in all units. While the technology has been phased out in favor of rolling code systems in today’s garage door openers, many existing garage door openers still use dip switch technology. You can maximize the security of this older system by changing the code regularly and any time you detect suspicious activity near your home or neighborhood.

At Above & Beyond, we recommend upgrading to the most advanced and secure garage door opening system as soon as you are able. Contact our professionals for details on the latest security features available for garage door opening systems and how you can upgrade your door opening system.

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