Protect your garage floor for all uses

March 19, 2020

Your garage floor may work harder than any floor in your home. This is because homeowners today use their garages for far more than simply parking their cars. Garages are storage spaces and work zones, venues for outdoor parties and garage/yard sales, and playrooms, man caves and recreation rooms.

With so many ways to use your garage, it makes sense to protect the floor from damage and stains, and keep it looking its best. Garage floors are subject to dirt, oil and grease brought in on car tires or dripping from the engine. In Northeast Ohio, garage floors also are damaged by the melting snow and road salt prevalent during the winter months. In addition, the concrete floor is vulnerable to the usual stresses of temperature changes that cause it to expand and contract.

An unprotected garage floor will deteriorate over time, exhibiting cracks, pits, stains, and spalling as the damaged surface begins to flake and crumble. But what are the best and most cost-effective options? For homeowners seeking a reasonably priced garage floor protectant they can do themselves, there are a few products designed to work based on the way you use your garage.

Interlocking tiles are a great option for those using their garage primarily as an entertainment space. Available in a wide range of colors, they are easy to install and quickly improve the appearance of the space. They also provide a softer and warmer surface than concrete.

If you use your garage more frequently to park your car, however, interlocking tiles will wear down rather quickly and they will hold moisture between the tiles and the floor, which can cause more damage.

Urethane sealers are ideal for sealing your concrete floor to protect it from spills and solutions that may leak from your car’s engine. It also will prevent some the discoloration you will see in concrete over time. It is easy to apply with a brush or roller and dries to a high-gloss, attractive finish.

Epoxy coatings, frequently found in commercial settings, may be a good choice for your home garage if you make your own car repairs. Application is a more involved process, including grinding the floor, priming, painting and top coating, but it is an excellent way to hide imperfections with a hard-working resilient finish.

The right garage floor protection for your family depends on your goals for the space. Most stains and coatings can be customized to create colors or designs that will complete an entertainment or recreational space.

Whatever your goal, keeping your garage floor in good repair is crucial to protecting the value of your home. Consider all your options for improving your garage, including upgrading or replacing your garage door. Today’s garage doors are secure and insulated, making your garage a great option for much more than parking your car.

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