Pros and cons of a heated garage

January 3, 2022

A heated garage may seem to some like a luxury, but it actually is quite affordable to heat your garage and may have some significant benefits for you and your family. If your garage is attached and has an insulated garage door, the upgrade may be as simple as adding a portable heater.

Before making the investment, however, it is a good idea to determine if taking that step fits with the way you and your family use your garage. Consider some of the reasons you may want to add heat to your garage.

Your garage has become an extended living space – For families who like to use their garage as a recreation space, man cave, or work-out center, heat during colder days could extend your season by a few months or to year-round usable space.

You have a flying bedroom or water pipes that would be protected by a heated garage – A bedroom situated above your unheated garage will often be the hardest space to heat in your house. It’s also not unusual for water pipes to run through the garage rafters or along walls, and if they aren’t properly insulated, they will be vulnerable to freezing during those coldest days if your garage is unheated.

You want to protect your car from cold winter temps – Aside from the fact that a warm garage means a comfortable car for you, that heated environment extends your car’s battery life and prevents problems with low tire pressure.

The easiest way to add heat to your garage is a compact heating unit that runs on propane. The proper size will keep your space comfortable for whatever your use, from mechanic or workshop space to storing a classic car to watching the Super Bowl.

A few pros, cons, and tips

  • While it is generally affordable, heating your garage will have some costs, especially if you first need to insulate, so consider how you use your garage to determine if the cost is worth it.
  • An extremely warm garage may be worse for your car than an unheated garage. While the battery is protected, the ice and snow on your car will melt in your heated garage and encourage oxidation and rust in this wet, humid environment. If you are heating your garage solely to protect your car, keep the heat low or consider instead boosting insulation in your garage and skip the heat source. A well-insulated but unheated garage will provide suitable protection for your car from the worst of winter.
  • If you are watching your budget, upgraded insulation, new weather stripping around windows, doors and the garage door, or a new, better-insulated garage door will dramatically improve the temperature in your garage even without a heat source. You can also protect your garage door, opener, and all moving parts by scheduling an inspection and tune-up from your garage door expert.

At Above & Beyond, we suggest an inspection every fall for your door and door opener and we are always available to advise you on how to improve your current garage door or options to upgrade. If you haven’t had your door and opener inspected this winter, it’s not too late. Our team is ready to help if you are concerned about the operation of your garage door. Call today for an inspection and for more information on how we can help you get the most from your garage and garage door.

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