The garage door is becoming bigger, more decorative

August 5, 2019
In recent years, garage doors have ceased to be a bland, basic item used to close and secure that storage space for your car and lawn equipment. Homeowners have sought out designs and colors that enhance their homes, while also looking for maximum security for valued items—as well as the house, in the case of attached garages.

Look for trends to continue to evolve as needs and tastes of Northeast Ohioans and Americans continue to change. A key one is size—American vehicles are both bigger and taller, so standard garages just aren’t cutting it.

More height-more width

More and more families are choosing SUVs, vans and large pickup trucks that need larger accommodations. Even if your larger vehicle will fit in your garage, the typical 7-foot-high garage door may not provide clearance, especially if you have added a roof rack or other roof embellishments. Look for more designs in 8-foot heights, and for double garages, door widths may go as wide as 18 feet. For those looking for even more clearance, commercial garage doors can provide more height and width and are increasingly available in designs that blend and enhance your residential property.

More bling

Today’s homeowners are trending toward garage doors that add to the statement of their home. From vintage to modern options, your garage door can make a big difference in the look of your home.

For that throwback to years gone by, look for designs that sport decorative strap hinges and door pulls that mimic carriage house doors without the cost and hassle of actually installing carriage house doors. These decorative doors look authentic while providing ease of operation, security, and efficiency.

At the other extreme are sleek, modern doors that have minimal visible hardware with straight lines or geometric designs and windows. By varying texture and types of material used in their design, these doors can be uniquely contemporary.

Another trend is choosing a bold color that matches the trim on your home or the entry doors or window shutters. Bright blues, reds, or yellows provide pop that can greatly enhance curb appeal.

More savings

A continuing trend is energy efficiency. Today’s garage doors are designed with the understanding that attached garages are the main source of energy loss for homes. Doors are available now with maximum insulation and highly efficient edge seals to keep your garage more temperate in all seasons, thereby saving you money in heating and cooling.

Options are available to fit most budgets and provide the savings of today’s energy-conscious families demand.

If you are thinking about a garage remodel to accommodate a larger vehicle or provide more storage, or you need to upgrade your old garage door, contact Above & Beyond Door Systems today. A new garage door still represents one of the best returns on investment a homeowner can make whether you are selling your home or sticking around.

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