Your garage – it can be useful, fun space

October 23, 2018
How do you think of your garage? Is it a place to park your car and store outdoor tools, or is it an extension of your home? Here at Above & Beyond, we believe in using your garage creatively, even during these cooler fall and winter seasons. Consider this additional space bonus square footage and you’ll understand why it’s worth your investment of time and a few extra dollars.

Many people sweep out their garage and use it for summer parties. But with a little temperature control and an insulated garage door, your garage is just as useful when it’s cooler outside, providing you with functional space you may not have in your home.

  • The Mud Room – Cold weather, rain and snow can make a mess at your entryways, but your friends and family need someplace to shed the boots and coats when it’s cold outside. Outfit a corner near the door to your home with shelves, hooks and a half wall or partition to create a cozy, somewhat private space to leave the wet clothes.
  • The Man Cave – The kids claimed the basement, so allocate one side of your garage to the all-important sports haven needed for enjoying your favorite sports. An attached garage with a quality door needs only a space heater, couch and TV to make it the perfect gathering spot for October baseball, Monday Night football and those first exciting basketball games.
  • The Extra Party Room – Small kitchens and living rooms can make entertaining during the holiday season a challenge when you need a gathering space after dinner. Your garage is a great solution with just the addition of a space heater, a couple of tables and chairs, and some festive decorations. The cooler temperatures also provide a great place for those additional snacks and desserts.

While you may not need your garage for entertaining, remember it is an important storage option for everything from fruits and vegetables to a vintage car. Take some time this fall to check window seals and caulking, and schedule your maintenance check for your garage door and door opening system. It’s time well spent for that bonus square footage attached to your home.

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