Make your garage door opener smart

May 15, 2018
Technology has made it possible for us to accomplish practically any daily task using our phones, our voice or the push of a button. Your garage door opener can be upgraded to take advantage of this same technology, so you never have to wonder if your family is secure or whether you remembered to close the door before you left your house.

Today, garage doors can be fitted to provide everything from motion activated lighting to voice controlled operation. The key is knowing what you want from your smart system and finding the most cost-effective package. You do not need to invest in a new garage door opener even for the most advanced features, since there are several options for kits that fit most existing door opening systems. Depending on the features you need, cost ranges from $80 to $150.

The most popular options in smart garage door controllers can be mounted on or near your existing opener and attached with just a couple of wires. They detect the position of your garage door through a sensor that is attached to the door. Connection to the internet and use of an app will render you access to your garage door from phone or laptop where ever you are. Many also are compatible with smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa and SmartThings.

More advanced systems will may include a camera that provides visual and audio access to your garage, a great addition to your security system. Some include geofencing, whereby your garage door closes automatically when you are a preprogrammed distance from your home—no need to include closing the garage door on your To-Do list.

Do your homework before making the investment in one of these systems. Your internet connection must be strong enough to reach your garage. You will need to download a compatible app to operate from your phone or tablet, and there may be fees involved in linking to an app or a smart home system. If all you want is to be able to use your phone as a garage door remote, you don’t want to pay extra for voice control or geofencing features.

Smart garage door kits available on the market today are generally easy to install for the handy DIYer. Some are adhesive mounted and will work without a wire connection, meaning tool-free installation. If you already have a smart home system, you can be up and running in no time.

If you are considering upgrading to a smart garage door opener, ask the experts at Above and Beyond Door Systems about options that will work with your existing garage door and smart home technology.

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