Garage Door Safety Sensor Issues in Akron OH?

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The safety sensor on your garage door prevents injuries and damage that could occur if an automatic garage door opener is engaged while a person, pet, or object is in its path. The sensor is a photo eye or infrared beam that extends from one side of the door to the other about six inches off the ground. If that beam is broken, your garage door will not close, preventing injury or damage to whatever is in the path of the door.
A sensor that is not working properly is a significant safety hazard and should be addressed immediately by a knowledgeable garage door technician. Garage door experts in Akron, Ohio recommend testing the sensors frequently and whenever you notice an irregularity in the opening and closing of your garage door.

Check the following when testing your sensor:

Sensor path – If the beam is broken the door should stop or reverse.

Check the lenses for dirt and moisture.

Confirm the sensors line up with each other by looking for a green light. If the light flashes red the alignment is off.

If a sensor is damaged, contact a professional.

A malfunctioning safety sensor is one garage door repair in Akron, Ohio that should not be put off. Call today if you have questions about your garage door safety sensor.

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