What’s in demand for new garage doors, openers this spring

April 1, 2024

Thinking about upgrading your garage door this spring? It’s an important consideration for today’s homeowners. Garage doors are so much more than access to the space in which you store your car. At Above & Beyond Door Systems, we understand the role a new garage door will play in your home value, security, and convenience, so our team is ready to help you look at what’s trending this spring.

Garage door designs

Most modern garages are attached and visible, making them a key part of your home’s aesthetics. It’s critical, therefore, that a new garage door blends with the architectural features and color scheme of your home.

Trends for 2024 include modern styles with sleek lines that emphasize minimalism. These will usually feature neutral colors in whites, grays, and blacks with limited hardware. Industrial style doors in steel and aluminum also fit well with this look, with their basic simplicity and neutral coloring.

For homes that are more traditional, rustic, or historic, traditional garage doors are dressed up with bold color options and two-tone options that incorporate mixed textures, such as paint and natural wood. With options in a range of colors with accessories ranging from unique windows to carriage style trim and hardware, these new garage doors quickly pay for themselves in increased property value.

Garage doors going green

Energy efficiency continues to be a priority when homeowners invest in a new garage door, with the highest rated insulation being critical for attached garages, garages that double as living spaces, and garages with living spaces overhead. The highest end modern garage doors feature maximum insulation with double and triple layers that are highly efficient in winter and summer. For attached garages, the savings on heating and cooling can make the investment worthwhile.

Convenience and security

Smart technology has changed the game when it comes to how homeowners secure their garages today. Statistics for 2023 show that some 39 million US homes are protected by alarm systems and even more have video doorbells. Garage doors that integrate with alarms, videos, lighting, and locks for homes are critical to maintaining the security these homeowners seek.

Upgrading your garage door and door opening system means having access to all the latest technology that allows you to open, close, and lock your garage door remotely, communicate via video and audio with someone entering your garage, such as a delivery person, and turning on lights in and around your home as you arrive. Smart technology allows you to view real time footage on your smartphone from wherever you are, with advances on the horizon that can include biometric access control, such as facial recognition software and fingerprinting.

Above & Beyond can help

A new garage door and door opening system is a significant investment that will increase the value of your home, provide convenience to your lifestyle, and improve security for your family. Contact the experts at Above & Beyond to help you identify the features that you need in a new garage door this spring.

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