Prevent summer heat damage to garage door in Canton OH

August 1, 2023
The summer months can take a toll on your garage door and door opening system. Excessive heat and heavy use can create some unavoidable problems, but you can reduce the chance of needing an unexpected service call by taking a few precautions.

Consider the following if you are faced with garage door damage in Akron or Canton from heat, sunlight or storms this summer.

Inspect the safety sensors

If your garage door won’t work on a hot sunny day, check your safety sensors before calling for service. Excessive heat can cause the metal bracket to expand and knock the photo eye out of alignment. If a quick inspection shows they are aligned, check for sun glare that could be interfering with the signal. You may need to shade the photo eye at that time of day or shift its position to ensure it works.

Cool down your garage

An especially hot summer can mean a hot garage, and that means exposing the electronics that operate today’s garage doors and opening systems to consistent high temperatures. Over time, those high temps will gradually degrade electronics, sensors, and other components of your garage door system, so a cooler garage can mean lengthening the life of those components. Keep air moving inside your garage whenever possible with open windows and fans, or consider insulating your garage. Investing in a new, better insulated garage door can also make a big difference protecting those valuable components as well as items you store in your garage.

Troubleshoot on cooler days

Are you noticing your garage door is not operating consistently or seems especially noisy? Wait for a cooler time of day to attempt to troubleshoot it, as extreme temperatures can cause a garage door opener to overheat within just a few cycles of opening and closing. This includes basic maintenance, such as replacing weather seals or installing a threshold seal, as these updates set better in cooler temperatures.

If you are not sure what is wrong with your garage door, contact am Above & Beyond garage door professional to service it to avoid injury.

Maintain your garage door

Consistent heat and bright sunlight can fade the finish of your garage door. Consult your Above & Beyond garage door expert about the best materials and maintenance practices to ensure your garage door looks its best for as long as possible.

Wood garage doors can be especially vulnerable to summer heat and humidity. Regular finishing with a quality paint or sealant can help prevent fading and premature rotting and splitting.

Schedule an inspection after a storm

Don’t take a chance on hidden damage due to a storm or lightning strike. A power surge can cause severe damage to the electronic components in your garage door opening system. If you believe your garage door or opening system could have been compromised, schedule an inspection with the team at Above & Beyond Door Systems.

If you need an inspection to ensure your garage door is operating properly in the summer heat, contact Above & Beyond today for expert servicing that will have your garage door running smoothly through the summer and ready for the fall and winter.

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