Spring maintenance for your Akron garage door

March 1, 2023

Even new garage doors and opening systems need attention after a long Northeast Ohio winter. If your garage door is getting older, regular maintenance is even more important to keep your system running safely and smoothly.

As garage doors and opening systems age, they often become noisier during normal operation. Bolts and hinges can loosen, rollers get sticky, and cold temperatures and moisture can lead to some rust on the tracks and springs. Annual check-ups and maintenance beginning when your garage door system is still new is your best way to ensure your system is in good working order for many years.

Prepare your Akron garage door for summer

Your garage will see a lot of activity once the warm weather arrives so take the time in the spring to get it ready for the summer.

  • Grab a garden hose and a soft brush and give your door a quick scrub inside and out to remove winter dirt and grime.
  • Tighten up hinges, brackets, bolts, and any fastener that may have loosened from the vibrations caused by normal use. This reduces noise and ensures your door and frame are secure.
  • Get a good lubricant, such as white lithium grease, and lubricate all moving parts. If you find some rollers are frozen and resistant to lubrication, contact Above & Beyond Door Systems.
  • Replace insulation that has taken a beating during the winter months. You will want good insulation in place if you plan to cool your garage for any summer activities, and especially if your garage is attached to your home.
  • If your door could use some sprucing up, consider a fresh coat of paint. Wood, vinyl, and metal garage doors can be painted effectively, dramatically improving the appearance of your home.

Upgrading your garage door and door opening system

If your once over has you wondering if an upgrade makes sense, call Above & Beyond! Today’s garage doors and opening systems provide many options for integrating with security systems and allowing remote access from anywhere. Modern garage doors also pay themselves with better insulation, more efficient operation, and far less noise. Our experts can help you determine if your current door and opener can be retrofitted for new options or if replacing your system would be the better choice.

Schedule spring garage door check-up

Our annual inspection covers every aspect of your garage door and opening system to catch potential problems and repair them, thereby reducing your chances of an unexpected break down. We inspect:

  • Rollers, cables, springs, and bottom brackets
  • Connections for tracks and hinges
  • Door balance
  • Moving parts
  • Safety reverse
  • Photo eyes

Contact Above & Beyond for your spring garage door maintenance in Akron and Canton, and be ready for summer fun.

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