Security is built in with smart garage doors

December 1, 2022
Security for your garage is important all year round but it is especially important during the holiday season. With short days during the winter making it likely you will home in the dark, as well as increased package delivery before Christmas and the New Year, upgrading your garage door opening system for remote access and the latest smart features is a great idea.

Smart garage door systems make it possible to control and lock your garage, turn on lights, and even have visibility of activity in and around your garage. Whether you decide to upgrade your existing garage door opener or invest in a new smart garage door opening system, safety, security, and convenience are the benefits you will realize.

Upgrade with add-on accessories

Most existing garage door openers can be upgraded with a smart kit that includes a controller and sensor that attach to your motorized opener. Benefits include:

  • Sensors and connecting wires allow you to tap into your Wi-Fi network.
  • A corresponding app allows you to set up remote access on all your devices.
  • Capabilities may include scheduling, voice control, and geofencing.

Smart garage door opening systems

You can maximize control and security by installing a new smart garage door system that replaces you existing motorized opener. Benefits include:

  • You get the very latest technology integrated with all your home systems.
  • Voice recognition, remote access, granting entry work operate in sync with lighting, gates, and doors throughout your home.
  • Sensors will alert you if a door is left open or unlocked or if entry is attempted.

At Above & Beyond, our skilled technicians install LiftMaster smart garage door openers that provide homeowners control and monitoring from anywhere using their smart phones and the myQ app. Options work with belt drive and chain drive systems and include important extras such as led lighting and back up battery. With LiftMaster’s cutting edge technology, all the latest features fit your family’s needs, especially during shopping season.

  • Schedule your garage door and lights using your app.
  • Receive alerts if your garage door is opened or closed.
  • An integrated camera allows you to view activity in your garage in real time or on a video.
  • Link your MyQ account to the Key app and get secure delivery of packages inside your garage.
  • Monitor garage activity in real time from your smart phone or tablet.

Have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your doors are secure and lights are on when you or your family members arrive home, and that those precious packages are safely delivered even when you are not there. Ask the experts at Above & Beyond about investing in smart garage door technology or how can upgrade your existing garage door opener to provide the security you need.

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