Programming your new garage door remote in 2022

May 2, 2022

Modern homes and garages are getting smarter and more secure, with programming capabilities and more options for controlling entire home systems from a phone or tablet. Despite these advances, however, most homeowners will still find themselves needing to reprogram a garage door remote in Akron or the surrounding area.

If you haven’t yet tackled reprogramming a remote, odds are you will at some point during homeownership. When you buy a home that has an existing garage door opener you will need to reprogram the remotes for security reasons. Sometimes remotes get lost or damaged and replacements must be programmed to work with your door opener. Remotes for older garage door openers simply wear out and need to be replaced.

Whatever the reasons, programming a garage door remote in Akron in 2022 is a fact of life for most homeowners, so understanding the process will make it easier.

Tips for replacing or reprogramming a remote

  • If you are replacing a remote, confirm the manufacturer and frequency of your opener, especially if it is older, to ensure you get a replacement that will work with it.
  • If your garage door opener uses rolling code technology, as most newer units do, you can use the learn button to erase the old codes. This is a good idea if you have purchased a home with an existing garage door opener. Press and hold the learn button until the LED goes off or you hear a series of clicks.
  • Reprogram the remotes by pushing and releasing the learn button and then pressing the button of the remote you wish to program. The light on the opener will flash when the remote is set.
  • If your older garage door uses DIP switches, your replacement remotes must have the same number of DIP switches for them to be compatible.
  • To change the DIP switches on the unit, remove the cover and slide the switches to a new position using a flathead screwdriver.
  • Set the DIP switches inside each remote at exactly the same positions as in the opener unit, then press the button on the remote to test.
  • If you purchase a universal remote for your existing garage door opener, it will have specific instructions to follow to be sure you have the set up that is compatible with your garage door opener. Programming steps will be the same as above for rolling code technology.

The professionals at Above & Beyond can help you with replacement remotes and reprogramming for old and new garage door systems. We encourage you to learn more about upgrading if your opening system is an older model, as today’s rolling code technology provides the best security for your garage and your home. Contact us today for all your garage door needs and remote reprogramming in Akron, Canton, and the surrounding area.

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