Water in your garage – Be ready for spring rain

March 1, 2022
Spring rain belongs in your yard, not your garage. Unfortunately, winter weather can do a number on your garage door seals in Canton, Ohio, and allow that moisture to get in, damaging your garage door and potentially your garage floor and items stored inside. Take time to inspect your garage door seals before high wind and storms force water under your garage door.

Seeping water

Water and debris can get in your garage on shoes, tools, yard equipment, and your car, but if you are consistently seeing seeping water after it rains or evidence of rodents or other pests, you probably have missing or deteriorating seals. The large seal across the bottom of your door is the most vulnerable to damage during the winter from ice and snow, but seals on the sides of your door and between door sections can also take a beating from weather and use.

A sloping driveway

A driveway that slopes down toward your garage can encourage water seepage under the door. The problem will be compounded if the concrete in front of your garage door is cracked or sinking, allowing that water to pool. The seal along the bottom of your garage door may need some help to keep that moisture out.

What you can do

Whether you have an older garage door or a newer model, the seals will need to be replaced from time to time due to regular use and exposure to the elements that can cause them to harden and crack. The team at Above & Beyond can help you identify and replace damaged seals as well as develop solutions for sloping, cracked or sinking concrete at the base of your garage door.

  • The seal or door sweep at the bottom of your garage door must sit solidly against the floor of your garage from one end to the other to protect from water, debris and critters. If you can see daylight at that meeting place, the door seal needs attention. A wood garage door will have a strip seal that is nailed into the bottom of the door, while metal garage doors will have an aluminum channel through which a U-shaped rubber gasket is inserted.
  • For an uneven floor, the U-shaped rubber gaskets that fit metal garage door are available in different sizes and heights. Consult your Above & Beyond technician about how these can be utilized to fill in gaps from uneven pavement.
  • When your driveway slopes toward your garage door, sometimes the best solution is a threshold that works in conjunction with your door sweep. A threshold seal is anchored to the floor, providing a raised surface that meets the door sweep, stopping water at the base and filling in any gaps.

Check all your door seals

Your garage door has seals along the sides and top that are attached to the door jamb and meet the door surface, as well as seals between the door sections. All of these seals can harden and crack over time, allowing moisture to penetrate your garage door and the garage itself. Your Above & Beyond technician can advise you on how to check these seals and help you determine if they should be replaced.

If you are noticing moisture in your garage or you are concerned about your garage door seals after a cold Akron Winter, contact Above & Beyond today for a garage door inspection.

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