Programming your garage door remote doesn’t have to be hard

September 1, 2021
If you are a homeowner, you have probably had to program or reprogram a remote for your garage door. Did you find the process frustrating? Confusing? Maybe both!

It doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips for both new and old garage door opening systems and how reprogramming works.

Programming with a learn button

Most standard garage door opening systems and remotes use rolling code technology for programming. If you are programming the remotes for a newly installed garage door opener, all you have to do is press firmly and release the learn button on the motor unit and then immediately press and hold the button on your remote. You will see the lights flash or hear a click (or both) to indicate your remote is synched.

If you are reprogramming your opener and garage door remote because yours was lost or you moved into a new home, the learn button on the motor erases the previous code so you can reset it. Do this by pressing and holding the learn button until the indicator light goes out or you hear two clicks.

To program new remotes, simply press and release the learn button, then press and hold the button on the remote as described above, repeating this for each remote you want to use. Be aware that some garage door motor units do not have lights. You will hear clicks to indicate each process is complete and the remotes are synched.

Program your garage door without a learn button

Older garage door openers (generally before 1993) use DIP switches to provide synching between an opener and remote. Depending on the model, there will be 8 to 12 small switches located inside the back of the motor unit. The remote must have the same number of switches set to the same code for the remote to open the garage door.

Locate the DIP switches on the motor unit by removing the cover. You can change the position of the switches using a flathead screwdriver. Inside the remote the DIP switches will be next to the battery. Once the switches are set in exactly the same position as on the motor, click the button on the remote until the garage door responds.

Can’t find a replacement remote to match your garage door opener?

Universal remotes are readily available but be sure the one you choose is compatible with your garage door opener. If your system does not have a learn button, it operates using DIP switches and you will need a remote with DIP switches. Older models of garage door openers that use rolling code technology and learn buttons may also vary, so it is wise to check for compatibility before purchasing a universal remote.

Programming your universal remote is typically the same process as your previous remotes but read through the instructions that accompany your universal remote to be sure.

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