Quick fixes can help avoid a garage door emergency

August 4, 2021
Your garage door won’t open, but do you need emergency service or is it a minor issue that you can troubleshoot? A garage door is nothing to mess with considering the system of springs and cables are under extreme tension. If you are uncertain about why your garage door has malfunctioned, you should call a professional. There are, however, some steps you can take to check your door and possibly correct the problem.

Among the most common issues that will cause a garage door to malfunction is when it becomes out of alignment or has come off the track. This happens when a roller is broken, frozen, or cannot travel the track smoothly and it is a simple thing for you to inspect. Follow some basic safety steps and you may be able to fix your garage door.

Inspecting an off-track garage door

  • Disengage your garage door opener by pulling the string attached to the main control box. Never work on a garage door with the opening system engaged.
  • Visually inspect the tracks and rollers with the door closed. Look for broken rollers, damage to or bends in the tracks, and debris that may have gathered in the tracks.
  • Check that the tracks are stable and secure; look for loose bolts or separation from the garage wall.
  • If the tracks and rollers appear to be clean, secure, and in working order, you will want to carefully test the movement of the garage door.
  • With the opening system disengaged, you should be able to manually open and close your garage door. As you open the door, observe whether a roller is frozen or getting stuck in or jumping off the track.

Frequently, a malfunctioning garage door can be fixed with some lubrication on the rollers and a good cleaning of the tracks. By regularly checking your garage door system for debris and applying a silicone-based lubricant, you can likely avoid most garage door emergencies.

If your inspection reveals a loose section of track, try tightening the bolts back to the wall so the track maintains the proper alignment with the door. This should keep the rollers in place. Be sure to manually test your garage door for proper function several times before re-engaging the door opening system.

For those problems that demand repairs or replacement of parts, or if you aren’t sure why your garage door is malfunctioning, contact the professionals at Above & Beyond Door Systems. Never attempt repairs to a garage door or door opening system without proper understanding and training, as serious injury could result.

Call today for guidance on garage door care or to schedule an inspection for your door and door opening system.

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