A new garage door popular with home sales

June 9, 2021
Home sales are booming in 2021, so if you have considered a move in the near future, taking action now may be the right decision. That means taking a close look at improvements you can make to your home without making a big investment.

Replacing your garage door is a no-brainer when it comes to a return on investment.

Remodeling experts across the country have consistently put garage door replacement at or near the top of the home improvement list for return on investment. Reports for 2021 list new garage doors as the highest return on investment of any home improvement project anywhere in the country, with homeowners this year recouping nearly 95% of their investment.

It just makes sense

A new garage door is not only incredibly affordable for the average homeowner, it makes a dramatic improvement in curb appeal for most homes. Even for detached garages that are set back, the door is visible, and many homes today place garage doors in a prominent position on the front of the house. A new door adds a big boost to the overall exterior look of any home.

Your options today for garage doors are extensive. Choose from a variety of materials, colors, and styles that allow you to match and enhance any home style, from farmhouse and colonial to modern contemporary, and even Victorian or Tuscany. Doors are available in real wood or faux wood, steel or aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl. Add windows or hardware and choose paint or stain.

Security and insulation are important features to today’s home buyer, and for a worthwhile investment in a quality door, you can add this great selling feature to your home.

At Above & Beyond, enjoy full service from purchase through installation for a new garage door that suits your needs and enhances your home. From standard doors to a custom design, your garage door will provide the security and value you need and the facelift you are looking for when your home is presented to potential buyers.

Garage doors and door opening systems also are easily upgraded and retrofitted to work with all your smart devices. Ask our experts about how you can improve the value of your home, security and lifestyle with a new garage door. Call today!

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