Frigid temperatures and your garage door

February 22, 2021

Winter Garage Door Preperation

In Northeast Ohio, every winter typically has its days of extreme cold temperatures. The deep freeze we have experienced this year, however, is not quite as common, both in terms how cold it has gotten and how long it has lasted. What you can expect is that such weather will bring out the deficiencies in your garage door and door opener.

Most common garage door problems in extreme cold

The most common result of extreme cold as it relates to your garage door is contracting metal, and since your garage door runs on metal parts, this quickly becomes a problem. As metal contracts, connections become tighter, making it more difficult for your garage door to move. This also can cause bending and breaking of these metal parts, so a thorough inspection is a must if you are hearing unusual sounds when you operate your garage door or if it fails to fully open or close.

A good silicone-based lubricant can help this phenomenon, but if you are hearing clicking or grinding, look for deformities in the tracks or cracks in the springs. Be sure to contact a professional for repairs.

For garage doors that fail to open or close, or to complete either cycle, you should also check the batteries in your remote. If your batteries are strong and there are no obstructions under the door, your remote sensor may have been compromised, another common problem in extreme temperatures. Your technician can address this.

Finally ice between the concrete and door base or between door panels can prevent your garage door from operating properly. If you observe ice obstructing your garage door, but sure to use a safe heat source to melt it, keeping it on the move to be sure not to overheat the metal panels. Never use force to break up ice, as it can damage the door and the door opening system.

What can you do?

Be aware that the weatherstripping between the panels of your garage door and at its base can become hard and crack in extreme temperatures, yet this is your best defense against cold and moisture entering your garage. Check it carefully and always replace worn weatherstripping as soon as you notice it.

Keep your garage door parts lubricated. Even quality lubricants can thicken in extreme temperatures and gum up moving parts, so checking these parts regularly, cleaning them out and adding fresh lubricant will do a lot for keeping your garage door running smoothly.

If you suspect your garage door needs repair, check it carefully and do not attempt to repair it yourself. If you have tried to lift the door manually and it feels heavy, you may have a broken spring. If the door lifts easily, the motor may need repair.

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