A smart garage door; convenient, secure

December 14, 2020
If you haven’t upgraded your garage door opening system for remote access and all the benefits that come along with today’s smart features, now is the time, especially considering security for your family and for package delivery.

Smart garage door systems synced with lighting and cameras are a great convenience for today’s busy families, but beyond that, they provide the security of a lighted garage for family members coming home after dark. The most advanced apps and features also provide peace of mind by allowing you visibility for package delivery inside your garage. And even some older door opening systems can be retrofitted to provide you these conveniences.

At Above & Beyond, we install LiftMaster door systems that allow for smartphone control with the MyQ App and package delivery inside your garage with an Amazon Prime membership. Such control over your garage door opener in Akron, Ohio is crucial during short winter days and the holiday shopping season.

Consider the following conveniences with a new or upgraded garage door opening system:

  • Wi-Fi connection to your home network with total control from your smartphone or tablet. You can schedule your garage door and lights using your device and you receive alerts if your garage door is opened or closed.
  • An integrated camera allows you to view activity in your garage in real-time or on a video. You may subscribe for video storage through MyQ and keep recordings up to 30 days.
  • You can receive packages inside your garage by using the Key app from Amazon. By linking your MyQ account to the Key app, Amazon Prime members can arrange for secure delivery of packages inside their garage with maximum security using the integrated camera.
  • All garage activity can be monitored in real-time from your smartphone or tablet.

Now you don’t have to wonder if you remembered to close the garage door or whether your package is secure on your front porch. Ask the experts at Above & Beyond about smart garage door technology and whether a retrofit or an upgrade is right for you.

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