Garage makeovers that focus on family needs

October 12, 2020

A garage makeover may sound like a luxury but in our current environment, making the most of your garage space may have become a necessity. If members of your family continue to work and/or learn from home, you may now need space to accommodate a home office, youth learning center, and even a family gym or work-out space.

That being said, you may not want to sacrifice your car’s home with a Northeast Ohio winter just around the corner. The good news is you don’t have to. Your garage has an amazing amount of underutilized space.

Get organized

Most people have an abundance of “stuff” in their garage that is haphazardly stored, never used, or both. Take a day to go through these items and dispose of or give away the things you no longer need. Then prepare to efficiently store those items you want to keep.

Storage systems are key to maximizing your garage space. Purchase slat wall panels and overhead racks that allow you to use all of your wall and ceiling space for storage, opening up floor space for whatever your current need is.

Slat wall panels allow you to hang everything from tools to shelving the full height of your wall. While lesser-used items can be stored higher up near the ceiling, lower shelves can be added that hold needed items for your new work, school, or workout space.

Your makeover

Start with installing drywall to unfinished ceiling and wall areas and ready them for your new storage system. Wherever possible, incorporate insulation to keep your work/workout space at a more stable temperature. Finish your floor with an easy to clean coating that is comfortable to walk on.

Check your garage door. A well-oiled, insulated, and sealed garage door is crucial to the atmosphere you are creating in your new multipurpose garage. If you are uncertain of the age and/or condition of your door or door opening system, schedule a check-up today with the team at Above & Beyond.

Don’t forget…

  • Doors and windows are beneficial both for letting in the fresh air and keeping out a cold draft, so check that they are in good working order and that seals are intact.
  • Whatever your need for your garage space, good lighting and WIFI will pay a big role in making it work, so don’t skimp on wiring for these hookups.
  • Reserve some of your new floor level storage for supplies you will use in your new space, such as weights, matts, and bands for a gym, school supplies for a learning center, and office supplies for your home office. You may also want to designate wall space for a mounted TV for zoom calls and/or online lessons.
  • Create a small charging station for laptops, tablets, and phones.
  • Choose comfortable chairs and tables to furnish working or learning centers, as you and other family members will be spending some time there.

Your garage can be a comfortable and safe place to both works and learn with none of the distractions that can be prevalent inside your home, especially if you are trying to work at a dining room table. If you are wondering how to maximize your garage space, start with a call to Above & Beyond. Our team will inspect and service your garage door and opener and help get you started on a makeover today.

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