Prep your garage for a successful garage sale

June 12, 2019

Some may call them yard sales, but we suggest you make the garage a priority if you are planning a summer sale. Why? Considering all the planning that goes into having a garage or yard sale, you will want to be sure yours can happen rain or shine, and your garage is key.

Planning for a successful garage sale begins weeks, even months, in advance. Start by organizing items that you are considering selling, preferably in a basement or unused room, so you can see what you have, determine the worth of each item and consider how it can best be displayed. As you begin to get an idea of how large your sale will be, you should start preparing your garage to accommodate as much as possible.

If you are like most people, your garage is home to more than just your cars. You and your family may store bicycles, four-wheelers, lawn mowers and other lawn care items, as well as home maintenance tools, toolboxes or even a tool bench in this space. Now is the time to find temporary storage options and begin moving as many of these items as possible. A backyard shed may be able to accommodate bicycles and lawn care equipment. Tools and toolboxes can be moved to your basement. Ask a neighbor to store your four-wheeler temporarily.

Your goal should be to use every bit of shelving in your garage to display sale items. Your empty garage should be able to accommodate most of your sale items, with plenty of room for additional display tables. Anticipate that everything in your garage on sale day will be a for-sale item.

Your pre-sale To Do list should include a check up for your garage door—often overlooked in the preparation process. Scheduling a professional maintenance check early in the process gives you the time to take care of any needed repairs and assure your garage door opens safely on sale day.

Everyone wants a sunny day for their garage or yard sale, but planning ahead with your garage prep means that your customers will be able to shop sheltered from hot sun or potential rain. Make sure your garage sale is a success and call Above & Beyond for your garage door check up before your summer sale.

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