My garage door won’t close! Now what?

April 25, 2019

You’re closing up for the night or you’re leaving for the day and suddenly your garage door won’t respond to the remote. If you can troubleshoot it quickly it can save you time and a lot of frustration. Your door opening system can give you some hints as to what the problem is, but oftentimes a homeowner doesn’t know what to look for.

Whether you are using a remote, a touchpad or the button in your car, check the motor unit in your garage for blinking lights. If the door won’t close, a blinking light usually means there is a problem with the safety sensors.

The safety sensors are the infrared beams that cross the opening of your garage about a foot above the ground. They prevent your garage door from closing on objects, such as your car, and are crucial for protecting children and pets from injury. An older garage door opener may not have safety sensors but all newer ones have them. Any object breaking that beam will prevent the garage door from closing.

What should you do if your door won’t close and the indicator light is blinking on the motor unit? Before calling a professional, check the following:

  • Check that nothing is blocking the infrared beam—even a small stick may be enough to break the beam.
  • Check the alignment of the sensors. The sending sensor should show a yellow light and the receiving sensor should be green. If the yellow light is on and the green is not, one of the sensors may have gotten bumped and is out of alignment. A small adjustment should bring the green light back on.
  • Check the visible wiring on the sensors and the motor unit to be sure none have become disconnected or loose. Check that the wires appear sound before reconnecting them.

If the infrared beam and visible wiring appear intact, check the error codes on your garage door opener, indicated by the blinking lights on the motor unit. Different openers vary, so you will need to refer to your owners’ manual to determine what each code means. Problems could range from misconnected wires to a short. If you can’t see a problem with the wiring, the short could be within the unit or the wall.

The error code also could indicate that a sensor is defective or has gone bad and needs replaced. The professionals at Above & Beyond can inspect the wiring and test your sensors to determine what is causing your garage door opener to fail and repair or replace only what is necessary.

Don’t take chances when your garage door opener needs attention. Safety sensors are the only thing standing between your garage door and potential damage or serious injury. The team at Above & Beyond is available quickly when you need help with your garage door or door opening system.

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