When your garage door gets frozen to the ground

December 20, 2018
The unpredictable weather prevalent in Northeast Ohio this time of year can create unexpected ice in places that can be inconvenient, such as the threshold of your garage. If your garage door is mired in that mess, you need to be careful about how you address it to avoid causing costly damage.

First of all, try to be aware of the weather conditions and check for ice before trying to use your garage door opener. Do not use your garage door opener even if the ice buildup appears to be minor. Engaging the garage door opener when the door is frozen to the ground can burn out your motor and cause serious damage to other parts of the door and the opener.

Instead, disengage your opener using the red emergency release cord and disengage the locks associated with your opener system. Inspect the opener and tracks for damage, especially if you have attempted to open the door with the opener. Then attempt to break up the ice by pulling manually on your door.

If the ice is particularly thick, a hairdryer or a scraper may help to loosen or break up the thicker patches. You may also try gently hammering a piece of wood laid along the bottom of the door. Never hammer the ice directly, as you could damage your garage door in the process.

Of course, the best solution to this problem is to prevent it in the first place. Some tips to keep your garage door from freezing closed:

  • – Clear snow from your garage door as soon as possible after a snow fall, so that it does not have the chance to compact or melt and become ice.

  • – Open and close your garage door at least once a day, even if you are not going anywhere.

  • – Use a silicone-based lubricant on the tracks and along the bottom weather stripping to keep the gears from freezing and the base from sticking to the ground.

  • – Consider an insulated garage door that can resist some of winter’s coldest temperatures.

Regular maintenance will go a long way in keeping your garage door in good working order throughout the winter. Schedule your check-up with the experts at Above & Beyond.

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