Memorial Day – Let Us Remember Our Fallen

May 23, 2014

Memorial Day is the last Monday in May.  While we’re all familiar with the cookouts, parades, and festivities that this holiday brings, do you know what Memorial Day stands for?  Well, it all began in 1868 when it was declared that May 5th would be “Decoration Day.”  The purpose of this day was to remember all those who died protecting the nation.  It was on this day that all graves of Union and Confederate soldiers should have flowers placed upon them.  As time progressed, this day, Memorial Day as we now call it, became a holiday celebrated throughout the country on the last Monday of May.  To this day, many of us still visit the graves of our fallen soldiers and those who served during their lives to show our honor and decorate their final resting places.


Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and I know the crew at Above & Beyond Door Systems is ready to celebrate.  How will you be spending your holiday?  If you’re like most Americans, you’ll be attending a gathering filled with food, friends, family, and hopefully fun.  So far, the forecasted weather looks good, but as any Ohio resident knows, when it comes to the weather expect the unexpected.  While sunshine and warm weather are what we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for, if you’re hosting a Memorial Day party this year, be ready to have a backup plan in case the rain comes.  


If bad weather should strike during your celebration, might we suggest turning your garage into the party celebration area?  It’s really pretty easy to do, if you have the room.


Here’s a few tips on how to spruce up your garage space for use on Memorial Day:


·         Table Cloths in Patriotic Colors – You’ve got some tables & chairs? Well, let’s set them up, but don’t leave them bare.  A simple table cloth can really brighten up a space.  Buy a disposable table cloth, or try visiting a thrift store and get a red or blue bed sheet to use as a table cloth.  No one will ever know the difference, and you won’t spend more than a buck or 2.


·         Plates & Silverware – Try opting for some red, white, and blue disposable paper plates, napkins, and plastic cutlery.  It’s fairly inexpensive (not much more $ than the plain white), and this little splash of color can really add to the ambiance of the party.


·         Dress your garage up / Decorate – It’s true, garages are not the most magical of places to throw a party, but try to make the area a little more festive by blowing up some balloons, hanging some streamers and flags, or adding some inexpensive center pieces (try a couple small potted plants).  With a little color and a few decorations your guests will forget they’re in a garage at all.


·         Be prepared to share – Have a few simple amenities and accessories available for your guests to use in case they need them.  Have some extra sunscreen, bug spray, citronella candles, maybe an umbrella or 2, and some inexpensive sunglasses for them to use.


·         Use safety & common sense – Never, ever, ever use your grill or barbecue inside your garage.  Your grill should be at least a good 8 to 10 feet away from any structure, especially your home.  Also, watch out for any overhead trees or surrounding dry grass and brush that might be within the reach of any bonfire or grill flames.


We at Above & Beyond Door Systems hope you have a very happy Memorial Day.  Remember, for all of your garage door repair needs this summer call Above & Beyond Door Systems.

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