Protect your investment, save money on garage door

June 1, 2023

Sometimes replacing your garage door and door opening system means laying out money you did not plan to spend. A breakdown occurs at an unexpected time and a professional inspection shows you are better off replacing the door and opening system than trying to repair or retrofit your old system.


At Above & Beyond, we understand your need to make the best investment possible within your budget. We ensure you get the features you need in a quality garage door and opening system, and we help you maintain your system so it runs efficiently and lasts for many years. That process starts with answering some key questions before you buy.


Investing in a garage door and opener in Canton OH


Your garage door and door opener should meet the needs of your family, enhance the value of your home, and fit within your budget, so consider the following critical decisions:


  • Your garage door may be wood, steel, vinyl, glass, or fiberglass. Wood or a wood composite may be the look you want but at a higher cost. Vinyl is more budget friendly while steel provides more security. Your garage door professional can help you make the best choice of material.
  • From sectioned garage doors to carriage house doors, the style of your garage door should fit the look of your home and function conveniently for your family and how you use your garage.
  • Windows in your garage door can add character to your home and allow light in your garage, but this may be an unnecessary cost based on how you use your garage.
  • Insulation can add $500 or more to the cost of your garage door, but the savings in utility bills can more than make up for the added cost if your garage is attached to your home.
  • You may not need all the smart features that are now available in garage door opening systems but consider those that make your home safer and more secure.


The size and design of your garage will impact the total cost of replacing your garage door and opening system, but choosing a quality product with a quality warranty can save you money in the long run. Quality materials and hardware will make a big difference in the operation and longevity of your garage door and opening system, meaning less need for repairs and a system that lasts many years.


Tips to protect your investment


  • Don’t skimp on maintenance – Your garage door has a lot of moving parts and works hard all year round, so annual cleaning and lubrication is critical. Above & Beyond offers a multi-point inspection and tune-up that includes repairs as needed to keep your door at its best.
  • Don’t ignore strange noises – While garage doors do make some noise during operation, loud banging or a sudden rattle should be checked right away by a professional. Even something that seems minor can become a major issue if it is not addressed.
  • Do call a professional for a repair – Garage doors operate under extreme tension, making even what seems like a simple repair dangerous for a homeowner. Your garage door system is not a DIY project.


If you are looking for a new garage door or opening system, or if you need service for your garage door, contact Above & Beyond Door Systems for an inspection, repairs, or a free estimate.





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