Troubleshooting when your garage door won’t close

May 1, 2023

It often happens at the worst possible time. The wind has kicked up, there is a storm brewing, or you want to use your garage for a project or a party and suddenly your garage door won’t close. There are several possible reasons why the door won’t respond to the remote or wall button, and if you know what to check you may be able to avoid a service call from your local garage door technician.

Troubleshooting checklist

Remember as you begin to address any garage door issue, your door is under tremendous tension. Before touching anything, scan carefully the door, tracks and springs and look for obvious signs of damage, including a broken spring or bent track. Do not try to repair such damage yourself. Instead, contact the professionals at Above & Beyond Door Systems to ensure proper repair without the risk of injury.

If everything seems to be in good working order, look for the following possible issues:

  • Check the power – If you know you have power to your home, it’s possible the door opener became unplugged or the cord is broken or damaged. It’s also possible that a power surge or moisture has damaged the logic board.
  • Check the photo eyes – This safety feature stops your door from closing if an object or person is in the way of the door, but dirt, damage, or simple misalignment can interfere with the signal and prevent your door from closing. If the green light is not on, try adjusting the alignment and wiping off the lenses to recover the signal.
  • Check the remote – If the door closes when you use the wall button, there is a good chance the problem is with the remote. Ensure you are within range, that the antenna is not tangled or blocked and that the batteries in the remote are working. If these do not correct the problem, try reprogramming your remote.
  • Check that the door isn’t locked – Every garage door should have a manual lock that you can engage for extra security. If this lock is set, your door will not open.
  • Check the disconnect switch – Your garage door opener is equipped with a red emergency release cord so you can manually open your garage door if, for example, the power is out. Pulling this cord disengages your door from the door opening mechanism and it will need to be reset for the door opener to work.
  • Check the limit switch – This device controls the extent to which your door travels either up or down. If the switch malfunctions, your door may not open or close all the way. Check your manual for the location of the adjustment screw and how to change the limit settings on your door.

If your garage door still won’t close despite your troubleshooting effort, contact the experts at Above & Beyond Door Systems for a thorough inspection of your door and all parts. Even minor damage to a door panel, the track, or torsion springs can cause a garage door to malfunction and may present a safety hazard to you and your family.

For quick, quality garage door repairs or installation of a new garage door or door opening system, rely on Above & Beyond Door Systems. Call today for details.

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