Lock into trends for new garage door in 2023

February 1, 2023

Warmer weather is just around the corner, and with it comes home projects. Homeowners may hope to improve their home’s aesthetics or, if a sale is on the horizon, may want to increase their home’s value. Either way, 2023 garage door trends provide a great place to start.

If you haven’t replaced your Akron garage door, the latest features include glass options, colors, and styling that will make a big difference in your home’s appearance. A new garage door will almost always boost its perceived value too. More importantly, the return on investment, even for a high-end door with smart features is significant – potentially more than 95%.

Key trends in garage doors this year continue to emphasize what is most important to homeowners today – security, convenience, and personality.

  • Choices of glass – From a few windows to full glass panels, more homeowners are looking to let in the light. Windows and panels today are available in interesting geometric shapes as well as clear or frosted glass, with a focus on ensuring they are well insulated.
  • Steel is still favored – Steel provides security in its strength and durability with the added benefit of being easy to insulate.
  • Farmhouse and carriage style – These rustic, cozy doors continue to top of the list for homeowners looking to customize their homes. With both modern and traditional styles in multiple colors and shades, choices are endless.
  • Smart features – Whatever the style or color, homeowners are eager to add the conveniences and security that come with connecting their garage doors to their smart devices. Today’s garage doors, along with lights, locks, and security cameras, can be fully controlled from anywhere using your smart phone.

At Above & Beyond Door Systems, we encourage you to consider the material, style, color, and features that will best fit your family’s needs before purchasing a garage door. Our garage door professionals are your resource for details on brands, safety features, and all the extras you need. Need help programming those smart features? We can do that too!

Call us today for a garage door that improves your home, gets you the selling price you want, or gets you that unique look that makes your new Akron garage door stand out.


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