Your garage is perfect for a Super Bowl party

January 1, 2023
For many football fans, the biggest challenge of hosting a Super Bowl party in their home is choosing the right location. The reasons range from a space being too small or having limited seating to accommodating family members who are not interested in the Big Game.

The ideal space, fans agree, is one that is open with an unobstructed view of the TV and unobstructed access to plenty of food. The ideal space is your garage!

We’re serious! Even a portion of your garage provides a great space for a crowd to gather and enjoy the biggest football game of the year. There plenty of space to set up food, get comfortable, and stand up and cheer, while your family room inside is available to the non-football fans in your family. A couple hours of organizing will quickly convert an unused section of your garage to a football venue or invest a bit more time and create a man cave worthy of the most serious of football fans.

Here’s a blueprint to building the perfect Super Bowl garage party:

  • Determine what portion of your garage you want to use and organize items so they can be stacked away to clear space. You may need to temporarily store a car outside your garage, but the key is to open up enough space to accommodate seating, a large TV, and a food table.
  • Sweep up and clear away dust and debris. Your garage doesn’t have to be perfect, but you do want the party area to be free of dirt before you bring out the food. Dress up the walls and ceiling with streamers in your favorite team’s colors.
  • Consider an area rug or interlocking rubber mats to cover your concrete floor. It will warm up the area but still provide easy clean up after your party.
  • Bring out some comfortable seating, including an old couch and chairs, along with some tables and folding chairs. Camping chairs are a great addition. You may want a large table for your food spread and a smaller table for some guests who prefer table seating to eat.
  • Ensure you have access to power for your television and a speaker to crank up the sound.
  • If your garage doesn’t have vents or a heat source, add a space heater to keep your garage party comfortable. Be sure to check windows and the garage door for secure seals to keep the cold air out.

If you’re cleaning and organizing has revealed gaps around your garage door, broken weather seals, or potential issues with its operation that could interfere with your party plans, Above & Beyond Door Systems can help. Our experts provide a thorough inspection of your garage door and opening system, along with repairs that will keep your garage door running efficiently and keep cold weather outside where it belongs.

Call us today for a complete garage door inspection and let us help you get your garage ready for your Super Bowl party.

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