Protect, repair garage door weather seals

November 7, 2022
In a perfect world, your garage door weather seals would last the life of your garage door. The fact is, with optimum conditions and basic care, weatherstripping will give you several years of service. A bit more attention is often needed to maintain garage door weather seals exposed to weather extremes in Canton, Ohio.

Seals and weatherstripping are located at the bottom of your garage door, along the sides and top, and between sections. Ice, friction, sun exposure, or an accident can cause tearing, cracking, or loss of flexibility. The only way to ensure the weather, moisture, and critters stay outside of your garage where they belong is to check your seals regularly and get them replaced if they are no longer doing their job.

The bottom seal is critical to preventing debris and pests from entering your garage while also maintaining a seal against water encroachment. It will likely take the greatest beating especially during a Northeast Ohio winter. If you notice this large seal is cracked or has become stiff and brittle, you should replace it right away.

You can lengthen the life of your garage door bottom seal by spraying it with a silicone-based lubricant every two or three months to keep it soft and pliable. Protect it from damage by ensuring the concrete at the base of the door is level and water does not pool and freeze. The bottom seal can easily be pulled off or torn when a garage door freezes to the ground during the winter so special care should be taken when opening your garage door during a Canton, Ohio winter.

All weatherstripping on your door will last longer if it is regularly cleaned and lubricated. Clean the bottom seal, top and side seals, and weatherstripping between sections of the door with an all-purpose vinyl cleaner at least every six months and check for damaged or brittle pieces that must be replaced. Make any repairs needed and follow with a silicone-based spray lubricant to protect the seals from weather extremes, including freezing and summer heat.

If you have a heated garage, or even if your garage is not heated but attached to your home, it’s important to address the gaps caused by insufficient weatherstripping on the sides and between the sections of your garage door. A garage door professional can help identify and replace seals that are damaged or worn.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Torn, broken, discolored or stiff seals should be replaced right away.
  • Don’t ignore drafts or light coming through gaps around your garage door that could indicate the weatherstripping is corroded or does not fit correctly.
  • If you are noticing water inside your garage near the door after it rains or when snow is melting, contact a professional to check the bottom seal.

The team at Above & Beyond Door Systems is always available to inspect and replace seals on your Canton garage door. Ask our specialists about repairs for uneven garage doors or damaged concrete at the base of your garage door.

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