Your garage can be your multipurpose room

August 1, 2022

Summer is winding down and with vacations over, members of your family will be back to work, back to school, and back to activities and routines. Now is the time to organize and weatherproof your garage to create the extra space your family will need.

Keeping your garage organized can be a challenge but the last couple of years have proven how valuable this often-underutilized space is. Even if remote working and learning are no longer the norm for your family, carving out space for a home gym, dance studio, or music practice room is a great way to expand living space for busy families.

Take time to ensure windows are secure and your garage door is in good working order, and with a couple tips for creative organizing, you will have the extra space you need and a place for your car.

Organize your stuff

Summer months find most families spreading out in the garage, with summer tools and summer toys placed within easy reach for frequent use. Determine where these items can best be stored and put them away. For those many smaller items that have accumulated on the floor or on what shelving you have, use bins or install a couple reclaimed cabinets to reduce the clutter.

Tools, including shovels, brooms, weedwhackers, etc. that may be propped in corners can be sorted on a wall by installing pegs or hooks. Don’t forget to use overhead space for those items that can be safely stored in the rafters.

Claim your corner

Use reclaimed cabinets, a countertop or extra table, bright colored shelving, and an area rug to design a cozy corner for whatever your family’s needs are. Bins and peg board can be simple solutions to keep school and office supplies, musical instruments, or gym equipment organized for your multipurpose room.

Drywall and some paint provide an easy way to make your corner feel more finished.

Check your garage door

You can take time to seal the windows in your garage, but if your garage door is not in top condition, your new living space may be uncomfortable, noisy, or potentially dangerous. Schedule a maintenance checkup for your garage door and door opening system to ensure parts are running efficiently and safely, and that your weather seals are intact.

At Above & Beyond, our maintenance service includes:

  • Inspect and replace as needed rollers, cables, springs, and brackets
  • Inspect bolts, tracks, and hinges
  • Check and adjust door balance
  • Check and adjust photo eyes
  • Test and adjust safety reverse
  • Lubricate all moving parts

If you are uncertain of the age and/or condition of your door or door opening system, Above & Beyond can help. Upgrades may be available, or a new garage door may be a great way to improve your garage space. Contact our experts today.


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