Easy, efficient garage door fixes with Above & Beyond

June 30, 2022
In Canton, Akron and the surrounding area, garage door upgrades are a great way to keep your home looking great with minimal cost. At Above & Beyond, we know that a new garage door doesn’t always fit the budget and may not be necessary to get the improvement you seek.

When extending the life and improving the look of your existing garage door is your priority, your options range from simply DIY solutions to retrofits that our experts can help you with.

Clean it up

Both steel and wood garage doors will benefit from regular washing. Scrubbing off the dirt and grime also allows for a close inspection for rust, corrosion, or broken hinges. Call your garage door expert for repairs before cleaning. Follow these tips:

  • Use a hose instead of a power washer to avoid denting steel doors and damaging wood doors.
  • A bucket of mild soapy water and a soft sponge or cloth is best to remove dirt.
  • Don’t forget to also wipe down weatherstripping, door tracks, and the photo eye.
  • Never use bleach. It can produce toxic fumes when mixed with soap and may damage the finish on your door.
  • Finish with a spray wax to protect your steel door from corrosion.

Paint and stain

Expect some regular maintenance to keep your wood garage door looking its best. Round-the-clock exposure to the elements means the finish will fade, peel, or crack, and over time pest damage and wood rot take their toll. The good news is a quality stain or paint applied every few years will keep it looking great. Follow these tips:

  • You will get your best results when you refinish your garage door in the same way it was originally finished.
  • Contact Above & Beyond to repair or replace any damaged wood or rotten areas before staining or painting.
  • For staining, be sure to prep the door by sanding, washing, and thoroughly drying before applying stain.
  • Use varnish over your stain to provide a protective barrier.
  • Before painting, scrape and sand old paint and wash and dry thoroughly.
  • Use two coats of acrylic latex paint, waiting 24 hours between coats

Repairs and upgrades

For damage to your garage door, including hinges, springs, rollers, and tracks, always contact the training technicians at Above & Beyond for repairs to avoid serious injury. Our team is available for inspections and emergencies should you need any repair to your garage door or door opening system.

The great news for homeowners maintaining their existing garage doors is the ability to replace and upgrade. Damaged sections of garage doors can be replaced with matching sections, keeping your door looking like new. Bent tracks and broken rollers are replaceable. Older doors also can be retrofitted with safer and more efficient systems. Contact Above & Beyond for the following:

  • Replace extension springs with torsion springs for longer life and better control of your door.
  • Replace auto reverse with a photo eye safety system to prevent your garage door from causing damage or injury if it is accidentally closed.
  • Replace or add a garage door opening system with smart options that provide maximum safety and convenience for your home. Above & Beyond staff can help you choose the door opening system that is right for your garage door and your lifestyle.

Improving and repairing your garage door in Akron and Canton, Ohio, may be the perfect way to improve the look of your home. If you need repairs or upgrades to your garage door or you are considering a new garage door in the Akron or Canton area, contact Above & Beyond today.

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