Upgrade your garage door with cost-effective retrofit

June 1, 2022

Safety and convenience are among the top concerns when it comes to garage doors but improving yours doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to replace it. Many garage doors can be retrofitted with modern features to operate more efficiently and safely. These cost-effective options work with your existing door and often extend the life of your door and many of its moving parts.

Torsion springs vs. extension springs

Newer garage doors are outfitted with torsion springs for several reasons, including their longevity, better control of the door, and they use fewer parts to get the job done. Above all of these, however, is safety. Extension springs can be especially dangerous when they fail, which often results in them snapping and flying around your garage. The good news is you can easily retrofit your old garage door with torsion springs, provided there is a few inches of head room above your door opening. The better control over movement of your door will also reduce the wear on all your garage door parts.

Photo eye safety system

Older garage door mechanisms may have no safety system to protect someone from being injured by a moving door. The first safety system introduced was an auto reverse feature, in which the door immediately reverses direction if it comes in contact with a person or object. It became a requirement for all garage doors in 1993. Modern garage doors now feature a more effective photo eye safety system, which is superior for its ability to detect movement or an object before contact is made and injury or damage can occur. Your door can be retrofitted for this important safety feature whether your existing door has no safety system or has an auto reverse system. The photo eye sends an infrared beam across the door opening a few inches above the ground. If the beam is broken, the door reverses.

Garage door opener

From vintage heavy wooden garage doors to later model manual doors, a garage door opening system exists that can provide you the safety and convenience of opening your door with the click of a button or an app on your phone or tablet. Garage door openers have come a long way in recent years. Belt drive openers provide quiet, efficient operation for lighter weight garage doors and are ideal for attached garages. Chain drive systems provide the strength needed to open older, heavier doors. Smart options exist for all modern garage door opening systems. Upgrading to any garage door opening system is a great way to provide convenience, safety, and value to your home.

Retrofitting your garage door in Akron and Canton, Ohio, is a great way to save money and extend the life of your existing door and all its moving parts. If you are looking for cost-effective options for your existing garage door, or you are exploring options for a new garage door and/or opening system, contact the experts at Above & Beyond Door Systems.

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