A new garage door opener boosts your resale value

April 5, 2022
If you are planning on selling your home, you are likely engaged in a variety of improvements to increase the curb appeal and sale price your house. Don’t overlook the benefit of a new garage door opener for your Akron or Canton home.

Most homeowners are aware of the benefit of replacing the garage door, an investment that statistics show will bring a nearly 100% return when the house is sold. But an old opener that is noisy or inefficient lifting the new door, or no opener at all, can be a big deterrent for a potential buyer. An upgrade or addition of a new, modern opener, especially one with smart technology, can make a big difference in resale value.

While the benefit of adding a new garage door can be measured in actual dollars, upgrading your garage door opener is also measured in emotional return on investment. Consider the following:

  • Potential buyers will be looking for the security that comes with a new, modern garage door opener. An attached garage can be a significant security risk that homeowners today can avert with secure locking and keypad entry features provided by today’s garage door openers.
  • Smart technology continues to be in high demand in our modern society, with many homeowners wanting the option of controlling their garage doors remotely and programming doors and lights to open, close, and turn on or off at specified times. Smart garage door openers offer Wi-Fi connections, options for integrated cameras, and links with apps that allow the user to receive packages or let someone inside remotely—all highly valued by today’s home buyers.
  • Even for detached garages, a garage door opener provides the convenience of a button for accessing vehicles and coming and going as well as security for items stored in the garage.

Upgrading your garage door opener is easy with Above & Beyond

If your current garage door opener is 10 years old or more, an upgrade is a worthwhile investment both as a resale benefit and for you, the current homeowner. New features, less noise, and reliability all contribute to your family’s security, convenience, and quality of life. Our technicians can work with you on the best model for your needs and how you may be able to use your existing connections and mounting to install your new garage door opener. Simple instructions will guide you through reprogramming garage door remotes and keypads as needed.

For situations where adjustments are needed for installation, or if you are implementing a garage door opener for the first time, our technicians are equipped to handle all the details to retrofit and install your new garage door opener. This includes addressing header space for torsion springs, ensuring safety features of new track mounting systems, and running electricity where necessary.

Your Above & Beyond trained professionals always test door balance and operation to ensure proper operation and review new features and technology with you so you can enjoy all the benefits and features of your new garage door opener.

Contact Above & Beyond today for new garage door opener installation, a garage door opener upgrade, suggestions for reprogramming your garage door opener remotes, or any garage door needs you may have.

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