Buying a garage door in Akron, OH? In-person is best

May 5, 2021
The last year of changes due to the pandemic has taught us that being able to work and buy online is convenient if not crucial. But while we now know that you can buy virtually anything online, some purchases may not lend themselves well to the online environment.

At Above & Beyond, we believe that you can make your best and most informed purchase of a garage door and door opening system when you work with our team and are able to see what you are buying. Our local experts and our personal touch make all the difference when it comes to new garage doors, repairs, retrofitting garage door openers, and maintaining your garage door products.

Benefits of buying in person

  • Working with a local garage door company means you can touch and see the product you are considering. A good quality garage door is worth the investment and this is the best way to ensure you are getting the quality you expect.
  • Considering the above, a review of online products may present some significant savings, but are you really getting a bargain? Garage doors are comprised of many moving parts that are far more likely to fail if they are inferior. A wood door may seem basic enough, but a low-quality soft wood will rot, warp or split. Your local representative will ensure you get a quality door and quality parts that will last.
  • Your garage door, its frame, and the opening system must be the right size for your garage, the opening, and the anticipated use. In Northeast Ohio, use includes freezing temperatures and the need for good insulation. Our local experts meet with you, discuss your needs, and measure your garage to ensure you get the proper fit and operation for your home.
  • For questions, service, maintenance, and repairs, buying local means you have an address and a phone number no matter what you need. This is important when you have an emergency. Above & Beyond is available 24/7 for all your garage door emergencies and we stand behind every product and every installation we do.

Proper garage door installation in Canton, Ohio, is critical for homeowners and businesses. Buying online may save you a few dollars, but it can cost you more if you do not get the reliable, efficient, and secure garage door you were expecting. When you buy from us, you know exactly what you are getting: a strong and secure garage door system, a completed project, full installation and inspection, servicing and maintenance as needed, and a warranty you can rely on.

Call Above & Beyond today for a consultation and an opportunity to choose a garage door that fits your home or business needs.

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