Refurbishing gets extra years from an old garage door

June 8, 2020
Your garage door plays a big role in the overall appearance of your home, A damaged, dingy, or peeling garage door will make your home appear run down and will likely have a negative impact on its curb appeal. It also could impact the value of your home, a critical factor if you are planning to sell.

If your garage door is damaged, especially if it is old, replacing it is likely the best decision both economically and for security reasons. However, if you like the look of your garage door and it is structurally sound, refurbishing it may be an option.

Both wood and aluminum garage doors can be refreshed with a coat of paint. You will need two or three days of cooler temperatures to complete the job, so planning ahead is important.

Wood doors must be free of rot to consider refurbishing. Pay special attention to the bottom corners where the cable puts a lot of pressure when the door is lifted. If the wood does not appear structurally sound, the door should be replaced.

Check the panels of your metal door for dents and damaged edges. If you know the manufacturer of the door, you may be able to replace a damaged panel. In cases where damage is severe, you should consider replacing the door.

Metal doors must be cleaned of rust spots before painting and both wood and metal doors should be washed and allowed to dry. Remove all old weatherstripping and paint the entire door with a quality primer. Follow with two coats of exterior paint and install new weatherstripping after the paint has fully dried.

If you choose to refurbish an older garage door, be sure to inspect hinges, track rollers and springs. These parts can be cleaned, oiled, and/or replaced to keep an older door in good running order. Understand, however, that these parts are under significant tension. At Above & Beyond, we always recommend having a professional inspect these parts and replace them when needed, as serious injury can result if they are not handled properly.

If you are considering replacing or refurbishing your older garage door, contact our experts for tips on fixing your garage door and when to opt for replacing it instead.

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