This Christmas give the gift of a garage door opener

December 10, 2019

Before you jump to the conclusion that garage door openers aren’t very glamorous, consider what the latest technology provides. Garage door openers today can be activated by your car, your phone, your tablet and your voice. The most advanced units can turn on your house lights, lock automatically and alert you if security has been compromised. Some will open automatically as you turn into your driveway.

Today’s garage door openers are the perfect gift for the techy and the busy. And many can be programmed to work with your existing garage door, allowing you to get the latest technology without the expense of replacing an otherwise acceptable garage door.

Most major manufacturers of garage door openers offer a system that will make your door “smart,” allowing you to control it from your smart phone or tablet. Since the garage is probably used more than any other entry to your house, this is a great gift for the whole family. Even the most basic smart system provides automatic garage door locks, a battery back-up and the ability to allow up to three people to have control of the system. Most importantly, you can monitor your garage door, closing it if someone forgets to and identifying security issues from your phone.

If you want the very latest in convenience and technology, consider a garage door opener that works with your wifi and connects to your google assistant, IFTTT, Alexa, Siri or SmartThings. With a simple voice command, you are in control of virtually everything about your garage door and your home. Most of these systems no longer require a subscription to use, and some even use geofencing, so your garage door knows when you have arrived home and opens the door automatically.

Today, busy families and the need for security demand that garage doors be controlled remotely. If a smart system isn’t in your budget, consider gifting a remote that allows multiple door garages to be controlled with just one remote. Even older garage door openers are easily programmed to be operated with two- and three-button remotes.

At Above & Beyond Door Systems, our professionals can help you pick out the right garage door opener or remote for your existing door or door opening system, from simple to high tech. Call today for the perfect holiday gift for your whole family.

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