Smart garage doors provide security, package delivery

May 14, 2019

Convenience is quickly becoming the primary goal of most homeowners in virtually everything they do. Control of the garage door is high on the list, especially now that Amazon package delivery can be made more secure.

What’s the buzz? It’s the free Key by Amazon app, available to those who are Amazon Prime members whose garage doors can be operated using the MyQ app. Link your MyQ account to the Key app, and you can have your Amazon packages delivered safely inside your garage.

How can you participate? First, you must have a smart garage door opener that is connected to MyQ—technology that allows you to control your garage door system from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet or computer. This may sound like a big commitment, but a smart garage door opener provides you with a lot more than the occasional package delivery.

Many busy families are turning to smart garage doors to ensure better security with family members coming and going. MyQ technology lets you know if your garage door is left open. It allows you to preset times for your garage door to open and close, and to activate lights. Extra security features include automatic garage door locks and battery back-up, and up to three people can have access to these control features. If this sounds like something your family can benefit from, take a look at your garage door opening system. Many older systems can be upgraded to smart garage doors, and WiFi is easily set up by following the steps on the free MyQ app.

While the added security and convenience of smart garage doors is a great reason to upgrade, secure package deliver is a nice additional benefit as more people shop on line for everything from clothing to groceries. With theft of packages left at front doors becoming a growing problem, this new service from Amazon can provide peace of mind for homeowners who are away all day.

Amazon Prime members using MyQ technology can simply link their MyQ account to Amazon’s Key app and packages can be delivered safely inside their garage. Those using the service must have a lock and camera system that is operated remotely, and the Key for Garage service must be available in their area. Homeowners can go on-line to learn whether this service is offered, or learn when it may be offered in their area.

The service provides alerts when a package in being delivered and when the garage door opens and closes. Your camera provides you a visual on your phone, so you can watch the delivery in real time.

If you believe your family would benefit from the convenience of a smart garage door system, contact Above & Beyond for more information on how to upgrade or install a new system.

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