Winter maintenance keeps garage doors working

January 10, 2018

Freezing winter temperatures can be especially hard on your garage door. Considering this is the protection between the elements and your car, and probably your home as well, it is crucial that you take steps to keep it running safely and consistently.

Lubrication, with a quality silicone spray, is a must to keep all moving parts operable. A fall inspection is great for servicing worn parts and applying lubricant, but those metal parts should be lubricated a few times each year to keep them at their best. The winter cold and damp will break down old or inferior lubricant, causing your door to operate rough and noisy at best, or freeze up completely at worst. Since you can’t do anything about the cold, stay ahead of problems by replacing worn springs, hinges and other metal parts before they break down, and keep them lubricated to protect them from rust and corrosion.

You also can consider upgrading insulation for both your door and your garage, and installing a heater. While you may not spend time in your garage during the coldest months of the year, keeping the space above freezing will keep those metal parts moving more smoothly. It will likely keep your home warmer too, saving you on utility costs.

Check the weather stripping on your door for wear, and replace gaping and torn areas. A quality insulation for the door panels can usually be cut to fit even an older garage door. An insulated garage and an appropriate sized heater will protect your door, the door opener system and your car from the negatives of winter weather.

At Above & Beyond, we encourage you to schedule a fall inspection for your door and door opener, but if you missed out and are concerned about the operation of your garage door, call today. Our experts will check springs, rollers and cables for wear, clean out the grit and grime, and get some new lubricant on those moving parts.

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