Garage door openers in Akron, Ohio

May 9, 2017

Modern garage door openers offer many options that increase convenience and safety for homeowners. The professionals at Above & Beyond can help you make the best choice for your home, from a basic model to a state-of-the-art model featuring the latest remote applications.

We offer only top quality garage door openers, including Wayne Dalton and Liftmaster, but making the right choice for your garage door is crucial for efficient operation and safety. Our trained staff will advise you on options, whether you are installing an opener on an older door, replacing an old opening system, or looking for a new garage door and opener.
If you are like most homeowners, you want a reliable door opening system that operates at a reasonable speed with a minimum amount of noise. Our professionals will work with you to determine the type of door opener that will give you the service you desire, as well as perform safely and efficiently with your garage door.

Types of door opener systems

  • Chain drive opener – Uses a metal chain and gears to lift the door. Ideal for heavy doors because of the strength of the chain, but noisy because of the metal on metal contact.
  • Belt drive opener – Uses a rubber belt rather than a chain to lift the door. Much quieter than the chain drive model, making it ideal for attached garages. Lift time is slightly faster.
  • Screw drive opener – Uses less moving parts and therefore needs less maintenance, but is best used in more temperate climates.

Most opening systems will raise and lower a garage door about 8 inches per second, but the weight of your door must be considered when choosing an appropriate system. While modern garage doors tend to be adaptable to any type of opener, older wooden doors and customized doors can be heavier, and the extra weight must be considered.

The chain drive opener is the most common system used in the U.S., primarily because it is the least expensive and it can handle large, heavy garage doors. Belt drive systems are becoming popular, despite their higher price tag, because they operate quietly and can lift at a slightly faster speed.

The professionals at Above & Beyond can help you choose the right opening system for your home and lifestyle. Today’s systems offer many convenience features that are ideal for today’s busy families, including:

  • Motion-activated lights
  • Remote lockout
  • Wireless keypads using a PIN or fingerprint
  • Solenoid-operated deadbolts that lock your door
  • Internet access

Call Above & Beyond today for a free estimate and details on how we can upgrade your garage door opening system in Akron, Ohio and the surrounding area.

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