Top 5 Reasons to Install a New Garage Door This Spring

April 24, 2014

Top 5 Reasons to Install a New Garage Door this Spring


It seems that spring is here in Ohio!  While it may not necessarily mean warm weather, it does mean it’s time to get those taxes done if you haven’t already.  No doubt that getting the taxes filed isn’t the most exciting part of the spring season, but if you get an income tax refund there is some joy in figuring out how to spend it.  Have you considered putting your income tax refund towards the installation of a new garage door?  Well, if you haven’t here’s a few reasons why you should.


Top 5 Reasons to Install a New Garage Door


1.  Increased Market Value of your Home


A homeowner can expect to recoup on average about 75% of the cost of a new garage door cost when they sale their home.  Realtors nationwide have admitted that a new garage door can have a substantial effect on a homebuyers purchasing decision.  A new, modern garage door is a great way to impress potential buyers.


2.  Appearance


Unfortunately, your garage door may not have worn the test of time as well as other parts of your home.  More than likely it’s got a few coats of paint, more dings and scratches than you care to count, and don’t forget it’s probably going to need all that flaking paint scraped off before you can try to make it look half way decent with yet another coat of paint.


It’s time to forget the hassle and install a new garage door.  With a variety of colors, styles, and finishes you can give your home an eye catching facelift for an affordable price. Plus, our new garage doors are virtually maintenance free, leaving you time to do what you want.


3.  Decreased Heating & Cooling Costs


Undoubtedly, you’ve stored a few items for long periods of time in your garage.  And, you may have noticed as a result that they have had their fair share of damage and exposure to the elements.  This often happens when a garage door is poorly insulated or fitted, allowing the elements in to damage your belongings. Unfortunately, in a garage with a poorly fitted or poorly insulated garage door, items and property stored within the garage can become damaged from extreme weather conditions.


New garage doors of today have better insulation which creates a barrier protecting your possessions from moisture and air.  By installing a new garage door with a R-16 insulation rating a homeowner can now keep the cool air in during the hot summer months and the cold out during the chilly winter season.  The better insulation and fit helps homeowners save big when it comes to utility bills for heating and cooling costs.  The new garage door practically helps to pay for itself in savings.  It’s the perfect solution for those homeowners who use their garage for storage space.


4.  Time & Maintenance


Don’t waste your time and money trying to bring a broken, dingy, garage door back to life.  A new garage door not only looks good, but significantly reduces the amount of time and maintenance needed to keep the garage door in tip top shape.  All that scraping and painting is a thing of the past.  New garage doors are virtually maintenance free – requiring no painting and only soap and water for a good cleaning.  Enjoy a great looking garage door for years to come.


5.  Enhanced Safety Features


Not only will your valuable property be safe from the weather and elements, but with a new garage door they’ll also have better protection from intruders and thieves who may have found the older garage doors an easy target for entry into your home.  Installing a new garage door with enhanced safety features could produce a possible savings on your homeowners insurance.  Many home insurance companies offer benefits for installing a new door with safety and security features.


Garage door openers are required to come equipped with a safety mechanism to reverse the direction of a closing door if an object sets off a sensor on either side of the door.  This requirement has been in effect since 1993.  But, this safety feature can wear out over time.  The safety features of today’s garage doors are top of the line. By installing a new garage door you’ll be minimizing the risk of injury to you, your property, and most importantly your family.



There’s no better way to spend your income tax refund this year than on installing a new, durable, low maintenance garage door.  It’s a worthy investment that’s sure to bring convenience, value, and safety to your home.  Don’t delay, call the garage door repair professionals at Above & Beyond Door Systems today.  We’ll get you on your way to an affordable garage door installation near Canton and Akron, Ohio!

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